Asian Bodywork/Shiatsu

Dee S. Weir, Shiatsu Therapist
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shiatsuAsian Bodywork/Shiatsu employs gentle and rhythmic pressure on acupressure points and meridians to loosen and stretch muscles and connective tissue to promote healing. Working with the same energy/meridian system as in acupuncture, this therapeutic technique enhances vitality and encourages the body’s own natural healing abilities.

Along with acupuncture and herbalism, Asian bodywork is one of the three branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Other techniques from Five-element and Zen traditions are incorporated in the session depending on the needs of the client. Therapist and client work together to create the most appropriate level of treatment.

Shiatsu and Asian Bodywork can address a multitude of issues including stress relief, back problems, headaches, respiratory digestive and systemic problems as well as colds, flu, allergies, and physical injuries.

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