patti_taylor_largePatti Taylor, GCDF, RMT

Integral Life Solutions, Inc.
Inspiring presence and pathways for fulfilling health and work goals

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My Goal:

To assist people to cultivate their unique strengths and connect with resources for increased success and fulfillment at work and play.

My Role:
Helping people with health and work goals as Reiki Master Teacher and Global Career Development Facilitator while maintaining a lively, local portfolio of successful programs such as: Ready, Set, Work HC!, Compassionate Coaching, and CareerPoint.

My Style:
Results-oriented, strengths-based, systematic, collaborative, innovative approach to meeting the needs of unique populations and individuals from diverse cultures by developing and implementing holistic, customized programmatic solutions to enhance life satisfaction, well-being, and employability.

My Services:
Reiki Workshops and Treatments, Individual Career Facilitation, Program Design, Workforce Development Training.


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