julie_everettJulie Everett, PT, DPT, CLT


Physical Therapy

Dr. Julie Everett is a Physical Therapist with over 10 years experience specializing in sports, pelvic floor, and cancer rehabilitation. She is the owner and operator of Everett Physical Therapy, LLC where she uses her skills to help people return to sport, excel in functional performance and become pain-free for daily activities.

Dr. Everett has a strong interest in helping people reach their full potential.  She is a Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health specialist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Cancer Rehabilitation specialist and general orthopedist.  She often is called to work on patients who have complex pelvic floor dysfunction who are experiencing pain and dysfunction.  She also excels in treating thoracic dysfunction, myofascial restrictions, dysfunctional movement patterns, and post-partum recovery.

She has been a teacher to both students and health professionals, sharing her knowledge and helping others develop their skills.  She has been active in community with local and national support groups, treated patients internationally, and has provided expert advise to national publications. Since the beginner of her career she has worked with professional athletes of the NFL, MLB and LPGA. She also has worked at world-renowned hospitals, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Pennsylvania Hospital, where she has developed her skills and promoted community education on the importance of preventative and total body health.

What separates Dr. Everett from others in her field is her innate ability to view and treat the body as a whole.  She prides herself on the ability to see global dysfunction and uses varied and individualized techniques to return patients to pain-free movement.  She is certified in Functional Dry Needling, Active Release Techniques, Myofascial Therapy Kinesiotaping, FMS and SFMA. She also is constantly staying on top of cutting edge evidence-based treatments and techniques.  With the use of her Sport psychology/Sport medicine undergraduate degree she also focuses on the mental aspect of recovery.

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