Jillian Bar-av, M.S., R.H.(AHG)

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Clinical Herbalist

Jillian is the owner and operator of Greenspring Herbs, LLC, her private herbal consultation practice and apothecary, Jillian supports the health and wellbeing of her clients through custom formulated herbal remedies. In addition, Jillian is Adjunct Faculty for the Herbal Medicine Program at Tai Sophia Institute where she received her Masters of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine and the Resident Herbalist for Roots Market. Jillian enjoys educating people on alternatives to pharmaceuticals and believes that the use of plant medicine results in not only healthy people, but a healthy planet.

Herbal Medicine
Herbs have been the foundation of healing systems around the world for thousands of years. Traditional peoples from all cultures and continents, relying on the resources available locally, have used plants to help promote spiritual, emotional and physical health. Although scientific study of these plants is relatively new, modern herbalists now have the advantage of being able to draw on both traditional knowledge as well as scientific study.

Clinical herbalists work with individuals to support health through the use of herbal medicines, supplements, diet, and lifestyle coaching. Every individual has unique strengths, weaknesses and his or her particular temperament. A trained herbalist is able to choose herbs that make sense for the particular individual, as well as their condition, and any medications being taken. A clinical herbalist will also confidently guide clients in the areas of dosage, quality, and safety as related to herbal medicine.

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