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Amber discovered the power of Reiki in 2010 and soon began to take classes to become attuned and certified. She poured herself into various healing arts to ease her journey with muscle and joint pain, migraines, sleep issues, depression, anxiety, grief, weight gain, and digestion issues. She was especially drawn to energy healing techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, essential oils, and Sound Healing including Sacred Drumming. Currently, she is finishing her Assertiveness Coaching Certificate.

With a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Amber knows the importance of balance and roles in a natural ecosystem and believes that we can all learn from these interdependent and synergistic relationships. In fact, humans have been solving complex problems for ages by studying nature, often called biomimicry. She shares her deep connection and love of nature with her clients through Love Notes from Nature and eARTh heART Guidance.

amber_roomAfter years of using Reiki and other healing modalities on a daily basis, Amber is opening her doors (and heART) to provide Reiki sessions at the Howard County Holistic Center. Book your Reiki session using Schedulicity below or call her at 443-420-7579.

Amber helps you connect with your inner peace and true voice through Reiki, Sound Healing, Writing, and Coaching Services. She only invokes tools that has personally helped her along her journey. She is passionate about guiding businesses and individuals to become in tune with the rhythm of nature and open to the answers within.

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