“It’s All In Your Head” – Not That Far from the Truth!

by HCHC on November 5, 2014

For years, those words – It’s all in your head – used to be a stock response to any symptoms medicine could not explain. And patients would go away feeling shamed, blamed, dismissed and abandoned by their health care provider.

So why are we saying it?

Believe us, our goal is not to shame or dismiss anyone! Instead, we aim to empower you to take ownership of your body/mind/spirit capabilities…by discovering your capacity to affect your physical processes of disease and wellness.

You’ve probably heard many times that the physical world – including our bodies – is composed of energy, and that the body, mind, and spirit cannot be separated. The days of seeing the body as a machine are long over, fortunately! Instead, research indicates that our thought processes can set up the conditions for physical disease …and the degree to which we heal our minds and spirits can also contribute to our physical wellness.

Notable physicians such as Bernie Siegel, M.D., and Mehmet Oz, M.D., have written a great deal about this phenomenon. Their books, such as Love, Medicine and Miracles and Healing from the Heart, document cases of men and women who tapped into an inner wisdom to achieve healing, even in the midst of major illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

You may be thinking, “If only I could do that!” We can’t offer any promises, but we can offer some tips that may help to boost your healing process…

Create an energetic environment that supports healing. Sounds easy, right? But how many times in this culture do we put ourselves in energy fields that do not affirm health and life – horror movies, violent video games and TV shows, angry music, etc.? What are the thoughts and emotions that such media inspire? Think about the energetic environment you’re creating around yourself, and choose to create one that nurtures your mind, body and spirit.

Affirm your worth. Do you have a lurking belief, in some part of your being, that you don’t deserve to have a happy, healthy, abundant life? Shame – the core sense that we’re unworthy or undeserving – is virtually an epidemic in this culture, and is often hidden under distractions such as work, TV, and so forth. Take some time to look at the unexamined assumptions beneath your words and actions. If you see that this is part of your inner conversation, please, talk to us, and we will offer resources for healing.

Choose joy and laughter. When Norman Cousins was diagnosed with an incurable illness, he watched one classic comedy movie after another…and his practice of laughter, along with other therapies, resulted in his healing. Medical science has proven now that laughter reduces pain and stress hormones, strengthens the immune system, releases endorphins, and has a positive effect on every system of the body.

Meditate. There are so many health benefits to meditation: It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, enhances the immune system, decreases muscle tension, increases serotonin production (thus reducing depression, insomnia and headaches), reduces anxiety attacks, reduces pre- menstrual syndrome; and helps in post-operative healing. Beyond this, meditation helps you to tap into your own deep inner knowing, body wisdom, and Spirit connection.

Embrace community. Many people, when they receive a frightening diagnosis, choose to isolate and keep their journey a secret from all but a few. “Nobody wants to hear about my health issues,” they say. We’re not suggesting that you share every last symptom with everyone you meet…but we do urge you to tell your family, friends, and spiritual community that you are facing challenges..and allow yourself to receive their concern and support. In a culture where self-sufficiency is expected, showing vulnerability and receive love can go against our conditioning…and it’s good for the soul!

Most of all – talk to us here at HCHC. With our integrated approach, we can devote the energy and expertise of a full team of healers to your situation. Healing isn’t limited to one organ or system; it’s a whole-person journey. Let us walk it with you.


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