Scales, Feathers, Fur or Fins!

by HCHC on August 27, 2014

birdNo matter whether your preferred pet has scales, feathers, fur, or fins, they will boost your mood just being near them.  There is no better remedy for coming home after a bad day than being greeted with the unbridled enthusiasm, happiness, and unconditional love a pet can give.  It’s practically impossible to stay sad when your dog is wagging his tail and barking with happiness at seeing you.  Pets keep us from feeling irrelevant and unloved which, in itself, is a huge health benefit.

Whether you like it or not, pets will keep you more active and physically engaged. Playing with your pet, taking them on walks, and even just being with them keeps you in motion.  They also help keep your interpersonal skills honed.  Going outside with your dog to the dog park, obedience classes, for grooming, or just for a stroll enables you to meet other people, other dog owners, and helps improve your social skills.  Pet owners often join groups or clubs that celebrate their particular pet, or breed, which also encourages positive personal relationships.  Just connecting with like-minded people who share your interests will give you an emotional health boost.

catAnyone who has ever owned a pet knows that a pet will listen to you, silently and without judgment, as you talk about your day.  They’ll never interrupt you or make you feel that you’ve done anything wrong.  You may not realize it, but this act alone causes your body to release oxytocin, a stress-reducing hormone associated with emotional bonding.  Meanwhile, your pet’s body is also releasing oxytocin, promoting a sense of connection and calmness between you.  how awesome is that?

The benefits of owning a pet is inestimable.  They instill a greater sense of self love, and self-acceptance.  When you become too absorbed, they distract you from yourself.  Their antics can provide you with laughter and stories to share; they help keep life from becoming too serious.  If you don’t already own a pet, consider adopting a shelter animal.  The love and trust you provide your new pet with will come back to you in ways you could never imagine.


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