by HCHC on June 25, 2014

happygirlRegrets… We’ve all had a few, to paraphrase a song.  What will be your biggest regret when you look back on your life?  And how do you feel now about the things that you have, and haven’t, accomplished?  It’s doubtful many of us will berate ourselves at the end of life for not having spent enough time on social media…and talking about “the end” seems to make most of us pretty antsy.  But if you were to put your life into perspective and appreciate just how little time each of us have on this earth, then you would look forward, eagerly, to writing the story of your life.  You would live your life on your own terms and live it exactly as you desire.

It’s said that a life lived in fear is a life half lived.  How many times have you wanted to leave a job that made you miserable, but you were too afraid?  Or submitted meekly to another person’s insults because they were in a position of power over you?  Be courageous enough to live a life that is true to you.  Only you know what your dreams are, what makes you happiest, and what fulfills you.  Reach out, explore, take chances.  You only get one life.

Don’t let others take your power or make you feel less than you are.  Express your feelings and let go of old grudges.  Tell your family how much they mean to you.  Be a part of your children’s childhoods.  Let go of bitterness, guilt, anger; those emotions will only make you miserable.  Elizabeth Kenny said, “He who angers you, conquers you.”  While you are seething over something someone else did, they are more than likely going about their day completely unaware of your anger, or taking some perverse joy in having made you so mad. How does this help you?

Choose to be happy because happiness really is a choice.  Give yourself permission to live your life on your own terms, not following the edicts of your parents, teachers, or family.  Live the life that makes you happiest, and you will look back on your life with only joy and no regret.


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