Wood and Anger

by HCHC on May 7, 2014

by Chris Hammond M.Ac.,L.Ac.

woodsWe are past the spring equinox and have entered into the time of the wood element. The nature of wood is to grow upwards and to expand out like with the growing tress and blooming flowers.

The correspondent emotion is anger which rises upwards and outwards. The same movement happening outside is mirrored in our bodies. This transitional time from winter to spring can be difficult, especially if there are obstacles in our lives that we feel stuck with. This shows up as heightened frustration, impatience, anger, body tension, headaches, PMS… Or conversely we can feel more depressed, hopeless, fatigued, lackadaisical and stuck. We can feel like we are constantly banging our head against the same wall or feel like we just want to lay down in front of the wall and surrender to inertia. Both sides of the spectrum are an imbalanced expression of anger and the wood element.

The energy of anger in health is dynamic and creative. It seeks to grow and expand and if there are things in the way it’s able to see outside of the box and find creative ways around it. This is where we get our new ideas, plan for new projects and move forward. This is where our inner and outer vision comes from. Healthy anger wants to plan and take effective action, it wants to see through the clutter and get to the heart of things.

When out of balance we need to look at what we are in opposition to. Continuous opposition that does not yield a resolution locks the body and mind up. Healing is greatly hindered. This gives an opportunity to step back and open up to creative solutions. The meridians relating to anger are the liver and gall bladder meridians. When out of balance points along these meridians open up and release blocked anger or build the chi necessary to successfully face obstacles. Some helpful activities to aid in the flow of liver qi are walking and movement.  If we are frustrated our body tightens and constricts the flow of qi.  Also a tense and angry mind tends to see things in terms of black or white and a relaxed mind tends to see things from a broader perspective.  Free movement of the body helps to relax the mind and open up the body.

NOW is a good time to get out there and move!

Chris practices acupuncture here at our Center… visit Chris’ page here.


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