A Long Life

by HCHC on January 28, 2014

You’ve made resolutions over the years, sometimes they “take” and sometimes they don’t.   You always begin with the best of intentions, but somehow you never quite achieve the results you want.  Why do you fail, you wonder.  Why is it that your list somehow makes it intact, from year to year, to year?  The problem isn’t being weak-willed, it is simply not incorporating simple day-to-day changes in your life that will add up to success in the long run.

lifeStaying active, both physically and mentally, is a very large part of the longevity puzzle.  While it’s true that having good genes helps a bit, it’s really only about 25% of what helps you live a longer, more vital life.  The other 75% entails being active, eating well, keeping to a sensible routine, and not letting stress get the better of you.

Exercise is the key to boosting memory, stamina, and overall strength; all key components of healthy aging.  Doing crossword puzzles are fun diversions, but in reality do very little for keeping “senior moments” at bay.  Eating a balanced diet of lean meats, dairy, grains, and fruit will do much more for your overall health than eating nutrient-poor “diet” foods, fasting, deprivation, or nutritional supplements.  Real food trumps fast foods and supplements every time.

Follow a good routine, and stick to it!

Be predictable; if it’s a Monday you’ll be at the gym.  If it’s a Tuesday you’ll be helping out at the homeless shelter.  Anchor your life in predictables so you never miss an opportunity to help yourself or others.  Finally, don’t stress over all of the day-to-day irritations or distractions that crop up.  Take a deep breath, think how that little frustration today will not matter at all tomorrow.

Enjoy your life!


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