Essential Oils: Lavender

by HCHC on January 9, 2014

lavendarLavender is one of the most loved fragrances, and it is also a very versatile oil! It’s a very calming and relaxing scent, and it’s no wonder that it is used widely in lotions, soaps, bath salts and other bodycare items.

There are many uses for lavender essential oil*:

1. Calming – Put several drops into your hands, then deeply inhale the scent. Do this several times, and you’ll soon feel the relaxing effect.

2. Sleep Aid – Use the inhalation method and also put a few drops into your pillow before your go to sleep.

3. Bee Stings – Put a drop of lavender on a bee or insect sting to reduce the pain.

4. Additive – Try a drop in your water or tea. You can also find recipes for bread, cookies and salad dressings that use either the lavender essential oil or the flowers.

5. Dandruff – Add a drop or your shampoo to help eliminate flaking.

6. Room Spray – Add lavender to distilled water, shake, and put into a spray bottle. Instant room freshener!

Let us know how you use lavender!

*Note that these are suggestions for using an essential oil. Please use caution and test a small area when using any essential oil!


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