Give a Memorable Gift This Year!

by HCHC on December 6, 2013

tigerThe holidays conjure up different images for different people.  For some people, it is a magical time of year when they gather with their loved ones and share stories and traditions.  Others know it as a time when they will have to face a crowd of other shoppers who put off buying gifts until the last minute, just as they did.  There are those organized few who buy gifts year round and spend the weeks before the holidays calmly sipping their cocoa in front of the fire.

All of these scenarios share a common thread:  giving gifts.  Buying more “things,” filling up the house with yet another new toy, new tie, or new trinket.  Why not mix things up a little this year?  Why not, instead of buying gifts that the receiver may love for only a moment, give a gift that will last forever in their memory.  Or choose a gift that will, literally, last forever…

  • Buy a year’s worth of Shiatsu sessions for your favorite person.
  • Plant a tree in their name.
  • Adopt an endangered species in their name.  Go to to learn how.
  • Give a rain barrel to your favorite gardener.
  • Put together a fruit and cheese basket of organic favorites.
  • For the yoga lover, a gift certificate for year’s worth of classes with their favorite teacher, or make a gift box of a yoga DVD, book, meditation music, soy candles, and no-slip yoga socks.
  • Buy recycled glass wind chimes from a local artist for their porch or relaxation room.
  • Go to for ideas on gift packages for the gardening enthusiast.
  • If you can sew, make shopping totes out of recycled tee-shirts.
  • Buy a composter for the seriously eco-conscious.  There are plenty to choose from at
  • Buy wool dryer balls to keep your clothes soft.  Felted from 100% natural wool, they do not contain the dangerous chemicals and fragrances of the name brand fabric softeners and are less expensive.  Find them at here.
  • Buy locally.  Support local artisans, bakeries, craftsmen and craftswomen, organic nurseries, and tradespeople.
  • Support the environment in their name.  Go to to find a nonprofit organization your recipient would promote.
  • If you really want to be “out there” this year, go to and let the recipient name their own star.

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