Fun Treats for Halloween

by HCHC on October 29, 2013

by Lauren Swanger, holistic health enthusiast and research journalist


Halloween is a fun, and spooky, holiday that traditionally involves large amounts of candy and other sugary treats.  For parents and health-conscious adults who don’t choose to give out candy on Halloween, and for those children who cannot have candy because of their dietary restrictions, there are alternative ways to participate in the fun without being a “witch.”  Individual packs of raisins, sunflower seeds, fruit roll-ups, or peanuts are good food treats without the high sugar.  If food allergies concern you, there are many other treats the children will love.

Create small goody bags and fill them with Halloween themed gifts from a party store.  A glow‑in-the-dark necklace is both stylish and safety conscious.  Packets of flower or herb seeds are inexpensive and encourage eco-friendliness.  Mini containers of play dough, whistles, stickers, temporary tattoos, soap bubbles, rubber balls, and pencil toppers are good choices for most children of trick or treating age.  Little girls love plastic jewelry and hair accessories, making them an inexpensive and fun treat.  Small action figures, balsawood airplane models, plastic parachuting army men, and yo-yos are great choices for little boys.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box this year.  Finger puppets, small ink stamps, pirate eye patches, sidewalk chalk, wax vampire teeth, bracelets, rings, paddle balls…  The list is endless.  Look for these items in party stores, dollar stores, or find them online at the Oriental Trading Company


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