I have a dream…

by HCHC on August 30, 2013

by Andrea Wenger

I have a dream…
in honor of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

We all have dreams… many of them locked up inside us. Years of external messages that we aren’t good enough, or that our dreams aren’t realistic, lead into more years of believing and acting upon those messages… which then solidify into rigid thinking and practiced ways of being that suppress our vital life energy, our dreams, and the unique gift of who we are in the world.

dreamAfter a particularly cathartic and powerful release during a healing session recently, a client said, “I’m not supposed to let anyone see me cry.”  (I am always deeply honored and grateful when someone feels safe enough to let the tears roll in my presence.)  While I’ve heard similar comments from many others, I was struck anew with how suppressed most of us are on emotional and energetic levels.

Perhaps it was because I’ve been discovering deeper layers of such suppression within myself lately. Yesterday I was feeling scattered, fearful, discouraged and guilty. Many external and internal circumstances and messages were at play, some of it having to do with how I continue to keep my passions, dreams and desires under wraps. It’s risky to put our most authentic selves out into the world… and all too often I hide my light under a bushel.

Noticing my emotional and mental swirl, I took a few minutes to breathe, relax and center myself … and before I knew it the tears were pouring forth. Yes, one of those gasping-for-breath-amidst-the-sobs kind of cries. As quick as it started it was over (I’ve had a lot of practice! : ), and I felt so much better. I realized again how much I’ve been suppressed in various life circumstances, and have continued to keep a lid on my emotions and deepest longings. Giving myself permission to relax and lift the lid, expressing my true feelings–even just to myself– allows my energy to flow naturally, and my fearful, scattered thinking to clear.

Today I feel so much lighter and full of energy, and I’m dreaming…

… that one day every person–child and adult alike–will have the support and permission to feel their feelings and express their authentic voice fully and freely in the world!

Will you join me in making this dream a reality for the generations to come?

It begins within. With you and me. With each one of us doing our internal work to wake up, own and express our emotions in healthy ways, and connect with the beauty, passion, gifts and dreams inside us.

It takes guts. And it isn’t always easy. Those dreams within you hold the key to new and sustainable ways of living together in harmony on this beautiful planet. And the world is desperate for it. No one else can offer the gifts your dreams will bring.

It takes support. We’re all in this together, folks. Learning to relax, undo the suppression of many years, and honor the truth within is a hero’s journey. I am honored to support you in a variety of ways as you navigate your unique process.

May we all know the freedom of inner peace, authentic expression and the joy of giving our best and most radiant selves to the beautiful dance and mystery of life!


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