Positive Affirmations

by HCHC on March 26, 2013

by Lauren Swanger, holistic health enthusiast and research journalist

There are many things we cannot control in this world: how other people behave, what other people think, how much rain or snow comes down in a given time, traffic jams, death, taxes, rudeness, or the price of gas.  Lots of people try to control these things, and end up frustrated, angry, and blaming themselves.

Thoughts are like water.  Just as a steady stream of water cuts through rock on a mountainside, your every waking thought, whether negative or positive, shapes or reshapes the neural pathways established in your brain. People who continually put themselves down, berate themselves for real or imagined faults, eventually begin to believe these falsehoods.  And no one can tell them any differently.  They slowly come to the conclusion that they are not worthy people; they believe that other people who appear more successful, or happy, are somehow are better people.  These thoughts become beliefs because they are repeated over and over in the brain. The more it occurs, the deeper the pathways become.  Just like the water cutting through the rock.

Imagine now, positive thoughts and the influence they would have on the same person.  Daily, positive affirmations would affect neural pathways just as the negative ones did.  They would eventually become just as deep.  The difference is, the positive thoughts will make you a happier and healthier person.  Telling yourself that you are a loveable, worthy person will simply reflect what everyone already knows about you.

Here are a few Positive Affirmations to get you started in building those new neural pathways.

  • I am loved and lovable
  • I am safe, no matter where I am
  • I am love

You can find daily affirmations at http://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/ . Find the ones that speak to you and get started learning a new way to think and feel about yourself and your world.



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