Weight Loss In Winter

by karen on March 19, 2013

Chris is one of our practitioners here at the center… enjoy his new article about winter weight loss!

Winter time might not be the best time to make a stab at losing weight.  Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have conditioned our bodies to put on extra weight during the cold months for survival purposes. If you look outside you see nature hunkering down, animals storing food, hibernating and the slowing of activity.  Animals put on an extra layer of fat to insulate against the cold and weather.  We as humans have only had the luxury of electricity and indoor heating for the past several decades.  Our bodies still respond like the bears.  Let go of the stress of gaining a little weight over the winter, it will come off in the spring and summer. Relax around holiday eating- holidays aren’t every days, perhaps all the food during the holidays was created so that we’d have enough to get through the winter.

If you are expecting your body to conform to your minds expectations you are going against a strong current.  This doesn’t mean to sit around all day and eat. It means that for the amount of food and exercise you are doing relative to the warmer months you aren’t going to see as much weight loss success.  Eat in moderation, get some light to moderate exercise and relax and enjoy some more hibernation time.

Chris Hammond M.Ac.,L.Ac.


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