March is National Nutrition Month!

by HCHC on March 14, 2013

by Lauren Swanger, holistic health enthusiast and research journalist

While it’s important to practice healthy eating and an active lifestyle year-round, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has, for the past 40 years, sponsored March as their official National Nutrition Month®. This campaign was created to help educate people about the significant role diet and exercise plays in creating, and maintaining, a healthy lifestyle.  Eating healthy does not mean giving up your favorite foods, or depriving yourself of foods inherent in your particular culture, or everyday life.  They emphasize the balance of ones’ total diet; moderation, portion control, and physical activity.

The Academy hopes to bring to the fore how small, but consistent, dietary changes can improve one’s overall health.  They advocate regular physical training in addition to making new, more informed dietary choices.  They list dietary and nutritional facts, as well as information on topics such as celiac disease, eating disorders, digestive health and allergies.  The Academy provides information on childhood obesity, nutrition for the aged, eating well while pregnant, and food safety tips.  They also provide a referral service for locating a registered dietitian to help you understand and implement dietary changes.  You can search for a registered dietitian by area, expertise, and even language.  Our own Blossom Winfree, a Certified Nutritional Consultant specializing in Holistic Nutrition, may be reached at 410-377-1519 or by email at

You can read more about National Nutrition Month® on The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ website,


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