Feng Shui Nurtures Your Life Goals

by karen on February 7, 2013

by Debby Barry

(Debby has done beautiful feng shui work here at Howard County Holistic Center!)

feng shuiFeng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient art of placement that was created by the Chinese 5000 years ago through studying the use of energy and space in relation to humans and their environments.  It has been used throughout history since then.  Feng shui was brought to the West in 1972 by Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun and is now used by builders, designers, realtors, artists, business owners,  homeowners . . .  the list goes on.  Regardless of your age, heritage, occupation or beliefs, anyone can benefit from the practice of feng shui.

The theory behind feng shui is that everything is composed of energy.  Just as a person can realize positive or negative energy based on a loved one’s mood, energy can be felt in any environment based on its surroundings.  When you place certain objects or colors in different areas of your home or office, you can raise the energy in an area and enhance that aspect of your life.  Your goal is to keep energy moving and healthy so that you remain healthy, prosperous and happy.

The map used to apply feng shui to your space is called the “bagua”.  The front door of your space orients the entry to the bagua map.  There are nine areas to the bagua.  By balancing the energy in each section, you can enhance and encourage more prosperity, romance, health, better relationships, job promotions and recognition.

By familiarizing yourself with the nine sectors of the bagua, you can become more conscious of the life aspects that relate to: 1)Prosperity, 2) Fame, 3) Relationship and Marriage 4) Children and Creativity, 5) Helpful People and Travel, 6) Career, 7) Wisdom and Self Knowledge, 8) Health and 9) Family.  By doing simple things to improve these areas, you become more aware of specific goals and more intent on their pursuit.

One of the fastest ways to enhance the flow of energy in your home is to declutter.  You can either declutter an area that has become disorganized or you can choose a specific area on the bagua map that you would like to enhance in your life i.e. you want to create or improve your love relationship.  Find the area in your home as it relates to the bagua map and declutter and organize that area with the intention of creating a better relationship.  The Master Bedroom is also an area to declutter and organize in order to improve your relationship.  Creating an intention around your decluttering session is key.

Another tool that can enhance the vision you are creating for your life – is a vision board.  Creating a vision board is fun and is extremely powerful.  You can create a vision board on poster board, your refrigerator, a wall in your bedroom, the mirror in your bathroom – the possibilities are endless.  A vision board can be specific to one area in your life that you are focusing on, it can be a general one for  all the areas of your life, it can be for a family, a business, etc.   A vision board works on a conscious and sub conscious level – which is why it can be so powerful.

The art of feng shui is to make your environment comfortable, nurture your life’s goals and dreams, while celebrating who you are by making you aware of what is around you.  Just because a space is “feng shuied” doesn’t mean it must appear Chinese or that you have crystals hanging from the ceiling.  There are many ways to raise the energy of your environment and decorate your home so that it speaks to your life’s ambitions.


Debby Barry is a feng shui consultant, organizer and designer.  She has studied with Grandmaster Lin Yun and Denise Linn, among others.  Debby can be reached for consultations, classes and workshops, lectures at 240-293-4701 or at www.debbybarrydesigns.com


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