Now Is The Time

by karen on January 31, 2013

We would like to share this lovely poem by Christine Kloser…

Now Is The Time

By Christine Kloser

Now is the time to…

Tell the people you love that you love them.

Ask the deep questions and wait for the answers.

Be grateful for every single breath you take… you are alive!

Forgive fast and be the first to apologize.

Contribute to others.  Make a difference.

Accept others for who they are and who they’ll never be.

Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience…
not the other way around.

Do the thing that scares you… today.

Develop a stronger relationship with
who/what you understand the Divine to be.

Be gentle with yourself, you’re living in transformational times.

Be gentle (and patient) with others.

Share your gifts, love and time.


Take care of yourself.  Nurture yourself.

Light a candle and say a prayer.

Sit still.  Be silent.  Listen.

Smile at a stranger.






For more information about Christine, visit her website.


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