Rest and Trust

by karen on January 28, 2013

Do you ever keep getting the same message over and over from different sources and wonder when you will ever really get it? I sure do! For me it’s been loud and clear:  REST and TRUST… there is ENOUGH!

Since 2012 remained quite full and busy for me right to the end, I was happy to start my New Year with a restful long weekend…and wouldn’t ya know, a touch of a cold wanted to set in the night before. I kept it at bay with all the handy natural and home remedies I’ve learned about over the years (see a few in the nutrition section below), grateful that it didn’t keep me bedridden for days. However, my experience was a reminder that just because I’ve eliminated symptoms doesn’t mean I’ve given my body what it really needs: REST!

When my symptoms were minimal, I headed out to take a walk or pick up some groceries. And each time I had a sense later that I had probably overdone it and would have benefited from more time in bed!

When Sunday came along, my mind said I needed to be “back to work” on Monday, even though I had no meetings or commitments. There’s a strong conditioning within me generating stories all the time that I’m not enough… that I’m not smart enough, not doing enough, not earning enough… that I don’t have enough time, or enough money, etc. Could I let go of the stories in my mind and TRUST that there would be enough of everything I needed? Could I TRUST that everything would get done… and that taking one more day for self-care would actually be beneficial rather than a setback?

When I finally admitted to myself that I needed an extra day to rest on Monday, my body felt a huge sense of relief, even though my mind was a little worried. The body knows how to heal itself when we give it the basics of rest and appropriate nourishing food. Our culture says to pop some pills and keep going, but that never takes care of the underlying lifestyle imbalance.

So, I’m continuing to learn to REST and TRUST, that there is ENOUGH time and resources for self care. I am also grateful for my body’s wisdom that reminds me again and again of what I am so quick to forget… and what I learn I can share with others.

Enjoy the remedies below, and if you have difficulty listening to your body, quieting your mind, or RESTing and TRUSTing, contact me. I’m passionate about supporting and serving your deepest healing and highest good!

In love and great-fullness,


Andrea Wenger, MAHA, is passionate about supporting those (and women in particular) who are feeling stuck–in their body, work or relationships. She creates a safe and non-judgmental space to move from anxiety and stuckness to inner peace, clarity, and a joyful authentic expression of one’s unique gifts. In addition to being a Sound Healer, Andrea holds a graduate degree in Applied Healing Arts from Tai Sophia Institute and is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui tradition. She combines Reiki and Sound Healing for a deeply transformative experience, both with individuals and groups.


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