Conscious Corner in Clarksville: The Power of Choice

by karen on January 24, 2013

You have power. No really, you do. You have the power to choose and your choice can help to change the world. That is the concept behind Conscious Corner in Clarksville, MD, the little corner with a BIG purpose. When you choose to buy from organic farms, small business, individual artisans, and socially responsible companies, you pave the way to healthy and mindful living.

The Corner is comprised of 5 shops centered on health, the environment, animal welfare, and the community.

  • Roots Market offers organic produce, groceries, cheeses, fresh prepared foods and local meat, seafood, supplements and body care products held to the highest standard. Find out more here:
  • Bark is a store for the animals we love. Only healthy, ecologically sustainable, and socially responsible products here.
  • Great Sage serves organic vegan dishes in an atmosphere that is almost as unique and tasty as the food. The menu changes 4 times a year with the season and contains gluten free choices. Check out the menu here:
  • Nest specializes in earth-friendly and natural clothes, gifts, and items for the home. Celebrating 9 years of organic, recycled, fair trade, and handmade. Learn more here:
  • Boulder for Men is the newest edition to the Conscious Corner family. The clothing is sourced from socially conscious companies that supply top-quality, fashion-forward goods while also being committed to protecting the environment and treating their workers with fairness and dignity. Check out their awesome wares here.

It feels good to wear comfortable and great looking clothes are made in a socially conscious way. It feels good to eat local, organic food and to buy products that protect the environment. Shopping at Conscious Corner gives you the power to make a positive impact on your community, the earth, and your health. The Howard County Holistic Center would like to thank everyone at Conscious Corner for making healthy, sustainable choices so easy to make so close to home.

Learn more at

Located at:
5805 Clarksville Square Drive
Clarksville, MD 21029


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