Howard County’s Preeminent Holistic Health Center

What does Holistic Health mean to you?

  • Waking up every morning energized and pain-free?…
  • Discovering that you are feeling better and stronger every day?…
  • Knowing how to maintain your health?…
  • Feeling confident, empowered, and at home in your body?

Does this sound like a wonderful, impossible dream?

At the Howard County Holistic Center, it’s not only possible – it’s our mission! We provide you with the treatment, support, and guidance you need to heal, to establish your core wellness, and to build healthy habits that support you in every part of your life.

Our holistic health practitioners offer a full spectrum of body/mind/spirit modalities, ranging from Five Elements acupuncture to shiatsu and from psychotherapy to therapeutic massage. And with our collaborative team approach to treatment, you get the benefit of more than 200 years’ collective experience.

Natural Healing through Acupuncture, Massage and Shiatsu

We believe that you can be healthiest and happiest when you have the crucial information and support you need to maintain your own health. So we start by giving you all the time you need to ask questions during your treatment sessions for services including acupuncture, massage and shiatsu. We also provide free or low-cost classes to help you continue building your knowledge, confidence, and long-term wellness through natural healing practices.

With this holistic definition of health care, we never leave you confused about your steps to natural healing. Instead, we make sure that you participate in the process from Day One!

Make the Shift from “Patient” to “Partner”

If you’re ready to start feeling better, learning your body’s unique needs and strengths, and becoming an active partner in creating your own wellness, don’t wait another day.

Browse through our site to find a modality
and practitioner that is right for you!

If you still have questions or you’re not sure where to begin, please call Dee Weir, Founder, at (410) 707-6198. 

Photos by Kyle Bergner Photography

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